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SCHUMACHER Accident TEST Ferrari F430 Scuderia At The 'ring'?

Seven-time F1 world champion and a regular in the development and testing of prototype Ferrari, Michael Schumacher crashed a Ferrari F430 Scuderia, while testing at the Nurburgring, a report published in the German newspaper Bild said.
According to reports, the Ferrari test track was a day of private testing, when the former champion took the mule test, and fell. Incident happened after Schumacher left the track more than 250 miles per hour that the runway was wet at the time a fast Schwedenkruz a corner and hit the pulpit, for a total of a machine in the process. No one was injured in an accident and the crew moved to a spare car shortly after.
Ferrari has challenged the claim that Schumacher was actually driving. The Ferrari spokesman Luca Colajanni said that Schumacher was a passenger when the car was driven by test driver Raffaele DeSimone. Voices also suggested that Schumacher's son Mick was on the train, when Schumacher was driving which is dissipated in his printing Laison, Sabine Kehm.
Details on the prototype sent clear, could be the successor to the F430 or the Enzo successor uber has been abandoned today.


Nissan is planning to open its manufacturing facility in Chennai in India, a popular car model Micra Hatchback. The company expects to 8 models in the country in 2012, and to use this plant for export.
The company is the creation of this plant with its partner Renault, at a cost of Rs 4,500 million rupees and will begin production in early 2010.
It is understood that Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd, the Indian subsidiary of Japanese company has already placed orders for parts sourcing for both models. Nissan will first launch a basic entry-level car, called W02A, and then launch a car higher than the level, W02B, after a few months, three providers familiar with the developments said.
By 2012, we designed the eight products on the market, some of which are imported. There will also export cars manufactured here in the form of fully integrated to Friday on current plans, Neeraj Garg, director of marketing and sales, Nissan Motor India.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X In India COMING SOON!

The Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors is the company plans Evolution Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Evo X India.Lancer the 10 edition of Lancer sedan. The four-door five-seater Evo 10 is carried by a 2-liter engine belts to 295 hp, which is more potent than 3 liters engines.It can reach India early next year.Mitsubishi also taking into launch Outlander SUV account. The SUV will be held in Chennai.
At the international level, the Lancer Evolution costs about $ 30,000, but in India, the Lancer Evolution X is likely to be priced between Rs. 20-25 lakhs as import duty would be to increase its competitive price.This International Auto Show Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Skoda Superb, Volkswagen Passat and Audi A4.

The World's Best FIAT 500 ABARTH

Here are the first official pictures of the new Fiat 500 Abarth that set to be unveiled in Geneva next month.Many sketches, photos stolen and brochures on the look of this car Fiat in a long time everywhere. If you are a fan of the Fiat 500 hard, then you will definitely fall in love with the 500 Abarth.

Abarth was a manufacturer of racing cars, founded by Italian Austrian Karl Abarth (Carlo Abarth) in Turin 1949.Along with racing cars, Abarth produced high-performance exhaust pipes. Later, Abarth diversified in producing various tuning kits for road vehicles, mainly for Fiat. Abarth was also associated with the production or sport racing cars with Porsche and Simca.
Abarth was sold to Fiat in 1971, and the racing team sold to Enzo Osella. Abarth was racing department of Fiat, managed by famed engine designer Aurelio Lampredi. Some models built by Fiat or its subsidiaries Lancia and Autobianchi were co-branded Abarth, the most famous being the Autobianchi A112 Abarth.
This car includes new bumpers, side skirts, rear diffuser and roof spoiler.

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World Best Jeep Compass

Jeep Compass is a compact crossover SUV. It uses a 172 hp (128 kW) 2.4 L GEMA I4 gasoline engine and will also receive a 2.0 liter Volkswagen diesel engine designed for European markets and Australia. The 2.0 liter GEMA engine is available on the 4X2 Sport model. The 2.0 diesel from Volkswagen is the same as that used in the Volkswagen Passat. Jeep Compass also features a drive system, electronically controlled four-wheel with variable torque between speeds of 25 and 65 mph (105 km / h) for optimal handling. But the version of the basic model has FWD, a first for a Jeep. Jeep Compass will be the first offered for many years that there is not badged as "Trail Rated". This indicates that the compass has not passed the same tests as off-road capability of Jeep vehicles other form of traction, ground clearance, maneuverability, articulation and water to operate. Since the similar caliber Dodge debuted with SRT treatment, Compass is expected to get the SRT treatment, possibly in 2007.

world best Volvo XC60

The Volvo XC60 is an SUV produced by Volvo showed at the Salon of 2007 North American International Auto in Detroit, Michigan. According to Wheels24, the Premier Automotive Group had planned to reveal the compact crossover to the public in late 2006. Is expected to go on sale for the 2009 model year. The Volvo XC60 is planned to include safety features include the traditional Volvo's whiplash protection, system protection against side impacts, roll stability control, dynamic stability and traction control, curtain airbags), Hill Descent Control, Collision Warning with Brake Assist, Active Bi-Xenon lights and side effects before patent and posterior structures. The CUV is also a security system City Safety, which calls the vehicle's brakes automatically when traveling 30 mph (48 km / h). Volvo has also introduced the system to help trailer caravans and trailers.
Volvo XC60 will be offered with a turbocharged six-cylinder engine with a Haldex all-wheel drive and a 6-speed automatic transmission. Turbo 3.0 I6 producing 281 hp (210 kW) and 295 ft · lbf (400 N • m). of torque.

world best Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90 is a crossover vehicle of average size. It is based on the P2 platform, shared with the Volvo S80 and other larger Volvo cars. Volvo XC90 is the best model of Volvo sales worldwide. The Volvo XC90 SUV is an SUV the world's best luxury safety performance. The Volvo XC90 was used as a benchmark when it comes to safety features such as front, side and rear impact tests. The Volvo XC90 is also known for better performance in the world to the roll of SUV in the test, like many other premium brands do not test this feature in their models. Volvo XC90 is the end of the front designed to absorb frontal impacts and divert pedestrians in the vehicle hood, instead of under the hood. Volvo has patented the unique structure of a famous front crumple zones, and a default position for the engine and other auxiliaries in the event of frontal impact. The Volvo XC90 was updated in 2010 the introduction, has been canceled. Instead, the current model to undergo a facelift that will keep the market until 2012. Volvo has announced that the second generation Volvo XC90 is not canceled completely, as rumored, but its introduction may be delayed.

world best Pontiac Aztek

The Pontiac Aztek was a mid-size crossover SUV produced by the Pontiac brand from General Motors, 2001 model year to model year 2005. The Aztek was mostly notable for its exterior design. The Aztek and Buick Rendezvous was the first crossover SUV offered by General Motors. First introduced to the public in 1999, the Pontiac Aztek concept car was fairly well received. He presented "Xtreme" futuristic styling and promised maximum versatility in support of a lifestyle because of young and active population to the buyer of his generation 'X'. The production edition of the Aztek was launched with the slogan. "Probably the most versatile vehicle on the planet" In conjunction with the CBS game's success, surviving in 2001.

world best Pontiac Firebird

First Generation Pontiac Firebird was a typical design, "Coke-bottle". Unlike its cousin, the Chevrolet Camaro, its bumpers were integrated into the design of the front and rear "slit" taillights inspired by the Pontiac GTO. The base model Firebird was equipped with a line Model carburetor.The 1bbl OHC 6 and later, Sprint, was a four-barrel carburetor, developing 215 bhp (160 kW). But most buyers opted for a V8 engine: 326 in ³ (5.3 L) and two-barrel carburetor producing 250 hp (186 kW), "I" (High Output) engine the same volume, but the four -barrel carburetor and producing 285 hp (213 kW), or 400 in ³ (6.6 L) from the GTO with 325 hp (242 kW). "Ram Air" option was also in 1968, providing functional hood with the ball, the greater the flow ends stronger valve springs, and a different camshaft. Power Ram Air package was the same as the conventional 400 HO, but the engine peaked at a higher RPM. Engines 230 in ³ (3.8 L) were then replaced by 250 in ³ (4.1 L) ones, the first development of 175 hp (130 kW) with a single barrel carburetor, and the other a 215 hp (160 kW) engine with a carburetor four bodies.

world best Pontiac G5

The Pontiac G5 is a compact car introduced by Pontiac. G5 coupe is available in the base model (with a 148 hp (110 kW) 2.2 L I4 engine) and the GT Sport (173 hp, DOHC 2.4-liter four-cylinder) trim levels. Standard equipment for the cut trim level includes a 5-speed manual transmission, AM / FM stereo with MP3 decoder, plug additional external music devices (like an iPod), and a spoiler. The first $ 500 G5 are built for the U.S. market has included a free upgrade to XM Radio, and downloads of songs free Rhapsody. GT (Pontiac's counterpart is naturally aspirated Cobalt SS before 2008 or 2008 Cobalt Sport) includes the same equipment. The options available for both trim levels include a sunroof and side airbags. The cut lists for U.S. $ 14.995, while the GT is slightly more expensive, from U.S. $ 17.795. The Pontiac G5 lacked a supercharged variant, which was available until 2007 for the Chevrolet Cobalt SS. Since the 2008 Pontiac G6 GXP is equipped with a naturally aspirated 252 hp LY7 V6 engine, will probably feel overwhelmed by the new Cobalt SS, including the LNF turbo four-cylinder producing 260 horsepower, General Motors is likely to refrain from this engine also provides for the G5.

world best Pontiac G6

The G6 is based on the concept unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in the G6 in 2003. The basic concept of 20-inch wheels and a supercharged 285 horsepower. The car was based on a design theme that Pontiac would therefore be the "athletic" division of General Motors. The name of the G6 is new, but the car is a replacement for the Grand Am is available on the G6 convertible sedan, coupe and hardtop. The GT comes standard with the 3.5 L engine that produces 201 horsepower LX9 (150 kW) and 222 ft lbf (301 Nm) of torque. This was the only engine available for the years 2005 and 2006 model years. The 2007 model has the 3.5 L 224 hp LZ4 updated (167 kW) and 220 ft · lbf (298 Nm). The extra power is the result LZ4 of variable valve timing (VVT) was added to the engine. Convertible models have 217 hp (162 kW) and 217 ft lbf (294 Nm) of torque.

world best Nissan 300ZX

The Nissan 300ZX, also known as the Nissan Fairlady Z, is a sports car produced by Nissan. It consists of the third and fourth generations of the Z-car line-up, respectively given chassis designations Z31 and Z32. 300ZX name followed by the numerical convention initiated with the 240Z, presented by Yutaka Katayama, the president once Nissan Motors USA. "X" was added to the model name as its predecessor, which means "luxury". The name was used in most markets with the exception of a few including the Japanese domestic market was in the car like all previous Z cars sold as a "Fairlady Z". The Z31 and Z32 has a V6 3.0-liter naturally aspirated or turbocharged engine. Although both motors are in the same VG series and have the same displacement, the output of Z32 is more than Z31. The naturally aspirated Z32 has 222 hp (166 kW) and 198 pounds · ft (268 N • m) of torque compared to the Z31 with 160-165 hp and 174 pounds · ft (236 N • m) of torque. Similarly, a twin-turbo Z32s is 300 hp (220 kW) and 283 pounds · ft (384 Nm) of torque than the single turbo Z31, which has 200-205 hp and 227 pounds · ft (308 Nm) of couple. The most significant difference between the newer engine is increased by two camshafts in the head, and the turbocharged version, dual-intercooler and variable valve timing. Z31 chassis was designed after the previous Z-car, a Nissan 280ZX, and had two special editions based on it. 50 Anniversary Edition focused on luxury to celebrate the company semi-centennial in 1984, but the Shiro Special, released 4 years later, boasted performance-oriented upgrades. Styling would be completely re-issue with the Z32, a trend toward finer curves and more efficient aerodynamics. Newer chassis also featured four wheel, called Super HICAS, its top models. Although there was a special edition in 1996 Nissan designated the final 300 American commemorative edition.

world best Nissan Almera

The Nissan Almera was a small car built by Nissan from 1995 to 2006. The Almera is called the essentially European export markets by the name of Nissan Pulsar / Nissan Sentra / Nissan Bluebird Sylphy. The Nissan Almera was designed to offer best in class equipment and technology and has always been considered a range of very capable road cars strong, precise handling, tire grip and a decent minimum bodyroll, especially in the GTi and after 2003 versions. Launched in early 2000, the second generation Nissan Almera differed from its predecessor with smooth lines and curves. Some still think that fades in comparison with its rivals although the Almera was selling a lot in the world. The N16 Almera was based on MS-Nissan global platform, which Nissan was the first platform to be developed after the alliance with Renault. The MS platform has also been the basis for the new Primera and Almera Tino. The Almera hatchback is basically the same as Pulsar hatchback sold in Australia and New Zealand. The Almera 4-door sedan is based on the Bluebird Sylphy, but in the end another front.

world best Nissan Altima

The Nissan Altima is a midsize car (formerly compact) are currently manufactured by the Japanese automaker Nissan, and is probably a continuation of "tradition" that began with the Nissan Bluebird in 1957. He was always bigger, stronger and more luxurious than the Nissan Sentra but less than the Nissan Maxima. The Altima coupe was released May 25, 2007 as a 2008 model. First officially unveiled at the Auto Show in Los Angeles in 2006, the 2008 Altima Coupe is Nissan's first two-door Altima. It has a shorter wheelbase, shorter and lower height than the Altima sedan. In 2008 Altima Coupe is available with two engines: The VQ35DE same day in the sedan, a 270 HP (201 kW) 3.5-liter 24-valve DOHC V6 or the QR25DE, a 175 HP (130 kW) 2, 5-liter DOHC 16 - valve four-cylinder. The 4-cylinder version of the Coupe has a base price of $ 20,490, while the 3.5-liter V6 will have a base price of $ 24,890.

world best Nissan Armada

The Nissan Armada (formerly known as the Navy Pathfinder) is Nissan's full-size SUV. Share your body under F-Alpha platform with the Nissan Titan pickup truck, Nissan Xterra SUV, truck, Nissan Frontier and Nissan Pathfinder SUV. A high-end version of the Armada is sold as the Infiniti QX56. All Armed currently developed in Canton, Mississippi. Armada's competitors are the Chevrolet Tahoe / GMC Yukon, Dodge Durango Aspen / Chrysler, Ford Expedition and Toyota Sequoia. The Navy has a 5.6 L 317 hp (227 kW) VK56DE V8 engine, 5-speed automatic transmission and a choice of rear-drive four-wheel drive. The Navy has been designed for North America and introduced in model year 2004. The change in the name of the Navy was in 2005, earning new badges. It has a towing capacity of 9,100 pounds.

world best Nissan Cima

Nissan Cima is a luxury sedan produced by the large Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., the Japanese market. Fourth-generation Cima arrived in January 2001. The time was early in the Nissan Revival Plan, was not so Cima Skyline FM platform. Instead, it contains an updated version of the old platform, with a new rear suspension. However, Nissan's new design identity completely in the dough as well as external and internal. Top This became known for its unique seven reflector headlights. Cima was sold in the United States the Infiniti Q45. The new V8 features direct fuel injection VK45DD Summit in Japan next VQ30DET and produces 280 hp (209 kW). Infiniti version of the V8 produces 340 hp (254 kW).

world best Nissan Cube

Nissan Cube is a mini MPV produced by Nissan and sold in the Japanese market. As the name suggests, the Cube is very square, which in form, with only the front coming out of the box-shaped design. About 20% of Nissan Cube were made to customers with disabilities. Cube the second generation, launched in 2004 with a more spacious cabin than previous models. A combination of modern angular and curved surfaces, was based on the third generation of March, driven by a motor of 1.4 L. A CVT was optional once again, and was made available in a stretched wheelbase version with seven seats, called the Cube ³. For 2005, both models have been improved with the new HR-series 1.5 liter engine of the Nissan Tiida, and are now available with the new "e4WD" system that sends power to the rear wheels when front wheels slip.

world best Nissan Elgrand

Nissan Elgrand is a luxury van. 2 models are offered, Nissan Elgrand XL and the Nissan Elgrand Highway Star, which has eight passenger variant. Elgrand is full of options, such as AFS (Active Front Lighting System), which can also be found in the third generation of Toyota Previa / Estima.The Elgrand comes in 6 different colors and is equipped with twin roofs, and xenon headlights with automatic on-off system. Base price and Elgrand XL and Highway Star are the same at $ 486,800 Hong Kong dollars. Nissan Elgrand outer surface has changed a lot from its predecessor, is now equipped with electronic gates with remote control, mirrors and signal lights, rear roof spoiler, and 16 (XL) or 17 (HWS) of aluminum alloy wheels. The new front design (including a new chrome front grille) to give more Elgrand sporty look, which shows that the name of the street. Nissan VQ35DE combined with a five-speed automatic transmission with manumatic change. Use multi-link rear suspension with four-wheel disc, ventilated brake as the braking system.

world best Nissan X-Trail

Nissan X-Trail is a compact crossover SUV. Only available in the Japanese market is the SR20VET produces 206 kW (280 hp). The Australian model is powered by a 2.5 L QR25DE four-cylinder producing 132 kilowatts first (177 hp) Since January 2006, the engine was detuned to 123 kW specification Australia. Also available is the QR20DE four-cylinder engine producing 103 kW (140 hp) or 110 kW (150 hp) with manual or automatic. The engine sold in the United Kingdom is the YD22DDTi, a 2.2-liter turbo diesel common rail. The Nissan X-Trail has had three revisions of the model, the Series 1 and Series 2 (the Nissan FF-S platform) and the upcoming series 3 (with Nissan / Renault C platform). There have been several cosmetic and engineering changes between series 1 and 2, but the series 3 is brand new, although similar in appearance to the new 2.5L engines outside was chosen.

World Best Mercedes W163

M-Class was the first SUV to feature stability control, a system designed to detect loss of control and intervene immediately with selective braking to bring the vehicle on its intended path. This system is now hailed by safety experts and studies have shown stability control and systems as it is capable of reducing single vehicle accidents by up to 30 percent. In addition, the M-Class boasted front and side airbags with occupant sensing for advanced front passenger seat, which, combined with a legendary safety structure, Mercedes, won the M-Class the highest marks in tests insurance industry crash. For Model 2007-was named Top Safety Pick. Major model variants have included the ML320, ML350, ML430, ML500 and ML55, with 4-cylinder turbodiesel ML230 CDI and ML270 CDI and ML400 in Europe. The ML55, ML55 AMG, or featured a V8 engine from AMG, the change of the body-work and performance characteristics. The ML320 replaced the ML350 as the base model in the United States in 2004. The M-Class is Motor Trend Magazine Truck of the Year for 1998. The ML320 was voted North American Truck of the Year at the 1998 North American Auto Show in Detroit in January 1998.

World Best Mercedes R170

R170-platform SLK 230 Kompressor was introduced in 1997-model year 1998 to compete with the Porsche Boxster and BMW Z3. In addition to the value of its folding hardtop, though its additional weight of the weakened performance of 185 hp 2.3 L supercharged I4 engine and automatic transmission. SLK was Car and Driver top ten for 1997. A 5-speed manual was added in 1999, but was the introduction of the 215 hp 3.2 L V6 and 6 speed for 2001 SLK 320 that really brought sportlich car. AMG model was added in 2001, 354 hp (264 kW) turbocharged version of the V6 3.2 L. This SLK 32 AMG was the best-performing SLK ever, and it was a direct competitor for the BMW M Roadster and Porsche Boxster S. is offered only in automatic transmission. SLK AMG engine is hand made. Not all of the Mercedes SLK has been built in Bremen, Germany, the SLK 320 being built in South Africa. The first Mercedes SLK R170 was completed January 29, 1997 and last April 7, 2004.

World Best Mercedes W221

The new Mercedes W221 was introduced in fall 2005 at the International Exhibition in Frankfurt, with exports to other markets from 2006. Mercedes W221 S-Class made its North American premiere at the Salon of 2006 North American International Auto in January. The latest S-Class is slightly larger in every dimension than its predecessor and has a more luxurious, Maybach-like appearance, and three new engines developed with up to increase the power of 26%. The interior is all new, all materials have been improved and have a look more luxurious, and center-mounted transmission has been replaced by a lever from the column. The brakes continue to become more advanced with the new Brake Assist PLUS system monitoring for an impending collision and increasing braking if necessary while the Distronic Plus cruise control can now bring the car to a complete stop. This system works in outdoor conditions, a test demonstration of Mercedes-Benz in a crash test hall resulted in embarrassment for the company when a new S-Class crashed into the back of a Mercedes W220 S stop -Class, an incident later attributed to radar steel confusing in this room.

World Best Mercedes R-Class

R-Class is an MPV / SUV crossover automobile offered by Daimler AG in 2006. R-Class is available in two steps, 2980 mm (117.3 in) or 3215 mm (126.6 in). The models with diesel engine BlueTec urea injection will be introduced in the 2009 model year. The AMG version of the W251, R63 AMG, was introduced in the 2006 North American International Auto Show as the 2007 model. And handbuilt 6.2 L M156 V8 engine 503 hp (375 kW) and 465 m • lbf (630 Nm) of torque. Mercedes-Benz 7G-Tronic seven-speed automatic transmission is standard, but the R63 AMG has a calibrated step moves the buttons behind the steering wheel. R63 AMG is electronically limited top speed of 155 mph (249 km / h), where the 00-60 h in 4.6 seconds. It 'sold exclusively by special order.

World Best Mercedes S63 AMG

Mercedes S63 AMG AMG restyling losing 5.4L M113 in favor of the M156 6.2L V8 used in the new S63 AMG, CLK63 AMG and C63 AMG. It produces 525 hp 6800 rpm and 630 Nm of torque at 5200 rpm. It can accelerate from standstill to 100 km / h (62 mph) 4.6 seconds to go up to a limited top speed of 250 km / h (155 mph). The Mercedes S63 AMG has the new AMG developed 7-speed MCT Multi-Clutch Technology, a semi-automatic gearbox. The new MCT transmission is essentially the 7G-Tronic, no torque converter. Instead, torque converter, it uses a compact, wet start-up clutch to start the car off, and is also supported by computer-controlled double disengagement. MCT (Multi-Clutch Technology) acronym refers to the (automatic) transmission clutches and multiple bands for each planetary gear. MCT has four modes: "C (Comfort), S (Sport), S + (Sport plus) and M (Manual) and offers a 100-millisecond changes in M-mode. camera functions AMG new car new album with the innovative start the race. The AMG DRIVE UNIT is the central control unit for the AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sports transmission and all the functions of the driving dynamics. The driver can change gears either using the new AMG shifter fiber finish with leather / carbon or push AMG paddle shift on steering wheel. According to race start again is basically a launch control allows the S63 AMG Mercedes driver to call on maximum acceleration, while ensuring optimum traction of the driven wheels. A modified version of the Mercedes S63 AMG is the safety car for Formula One season 2008.

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The World's Best Lamborghini Countach

The Lamborghini Countach was a mid-engine sports car produced by Italian automaker Lamborghini from 1974 to 1990. The design of the Countach popularized, but did not pioneer, the wedge-shaped, steep look popular in many luxury cars for high performance. The "cab forward" design concept, which pushes the passenger compartment forward to accommodate a larger engine, was also popularized by the Countach. The rear wheels were powered by a V12 Lamborghini traditional longitudinally mounted mid-engine configuration. For better weight distribution, the engine is marked as "new", the output shaft is at the front and the gearbox is in front of the drive shaft through the engine sump runner rear differential . Although originally planned as a 5-liter engine, production cars first used the Lamborghini Miura engine of four liters. Later advances increased the displacement of 5 liters and then (in the model Quattrovalvole) 5.2 L with four valves per cylinder. Lamborghini Countach All are equipped with six Weber carburetors until the arrival of 5000QV model, when the car became available in the United States, and the fuel injection Bosch K-Jetronic. European models, however, continued to use the carburetors until the arrival of the Lamborghini Diablo, which replaced the legendary Countach.

World Best Lamborghini Jalpa

The Lamborghini Jalpa, pronounced in Spanish "HAL-pah", was a car produced by Italian automaker Lamborghini from 1981 to 1988. The Jalpa was a development from the previous figure, but was more successful, a total of 419 examples were sold. The Jalpa was intended to fill a more "affordable" Lamborghini, being much cheaper than the Countach. V12 instead of the big car, the Jalpa was fitted with a transversely mounted 3.5-liter V8 that developed 255 hp (190 kW). The body was designed and built by Bertone. Jalpa Named after a famous breed of fighting bulls, Ferruccio Lamborghini having a liking for bulls and being a Taurus he gave most Lamborghini cars bullfighting related names. Compared to the Countach, the Jalpa was much easier to drive, have a better visibility and easier to handle in heavy traffic and low speed. At night, however, there were many annoying internal reflections (a common curse of the Italian low-volume vehicles).
The original plastic components (bumpers, air intakes and engine cover) were black, and the car was rear-rectangular form. In 1984, however, the plastic became body-colored and round taillights were installed. In 1988, after falling sales, the new owners of Chrysler, has decided to stop production Jalpa. Member of the speed rating of the Jalpa was 146 mph (234 kmh), but higher speed have claimed. The weight of all liquids is 3322 pounds (1,507 kg). The Jalpa is 43.9 inches (112 cm).

World Best Lamborghini Diablo SVR

Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 1996, SVR variant is a version of the SV light competition, was built from a brand pro-am series known as Diablo Super Trofeo, which was to last three years, and the round will be held as a fundamental support for 1996, 24-hour race of Le Mans. SVR is 191kg less than SV (1385kg) and offers 540 hp (403 kW), mainly in the revised fuel injection timing, and is the first Diablo to use variable valve timing. There are a number of cosmetic differences, the indoor lights or sometimes is used instead of the usual pop-up headlights. Other cosmetic differences includes a front spoiler deeper side skirts and redesigned rear valance.
Also the most visible change is a fully adjustable rear wing, lightweight acrylic side Windows is used instead of glass elements and a set of OZ Racing 18 inch rims of hollow cast magnesium every car sold , came with support from the factory seasons and an input for a series of do. All repairs and maintenance was made by Lamborghini itself. The winner of the OPI first series has been steady, Thomas Bscher, who has been involved in the business side of the label in recent years. A total of 31 versions of this model is entirely manufactured. Few of them have been modified for road use.

World Best Lamborghini Murcielago

The Lamborghini Murcielago is a sports car produced by Italian automaker Automobili Lamborghini SpA and designed by Luc Donckerwolke. It was introduced in 2002 as successor to Diablo. The Murcielago is a two door, two seater coupe. To celebrate its 40 years of operation, 50 special edition Murcielago built during the fall of 2003. An open-top version called the Murcielago Roadster was introduced in 2004 to 2005-model year. The roadster features similar performance to the coupé with a more aggressive rear flank, and a price significantly higher. The Murcielago sports a 6.2-liter version of the Lamborghini V12 engine legendary, a six-speed manual or six-speed sequential automatic four-wheel drive.
It also has a rear spoiler that can be worn at an angle of 70 degrees, side mirrors that fold to improve aerodynamics and air side that open automatically to the size necessary to let just the right amount of air needed to cool its engine. In 2008, the fuel economy of cars is 8 mpg (U.S.) (29 L/100 km) city and 13 mpg (U.S.) (18 L/100 km) highway, making it the least effective 2008 driving the city, according to the EPA. The base price is U.S. $ 313,000 cut, which is U.S. $ 107 000 more than its little brother, the Lamborghini Gallardo.

World Best Lamborghini Gallardo Nera

Lamborghini Gallardo Nera (Special Edition) was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. Lamborghini Gallardo Nera has a top speed of 314 km / h (195 mph) and accelerates to 100 km / h in 4.2 seconds when the engine and transmission are identical to the standard Gallardo. The car is designed to showcase the customization options available to the client. Lamborghini Gallardo Nera special panels a matte black body and is only available in two colors - Serapis and Noctis. The calipers are painted in a special silver and taillights are smoked to match the darker paint. The interior leather is to diagnose high-contrast black and white. Only 185 units of the Lamborghini Gallardo Nera will be produced and 60 are for the U.S. market.

World Best Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4

The Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. It is powered by a 5.2L V10 engine with FSI direct injection again, so 552hp and 398 lb.-ft. of torque. The engine is mainly based on the new Audi RS6 V10. In addition, a review and a transmission system driving all four wheels and a weight loss of 20 kg is expected. The 4 at the end of the name refers to the permanent drive to all four wheels Gallardo. Price of the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 will start around $ 222,000.

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World Best Lamborghini Reventon

Lamborghini Reventon is a mid-engined sports car that began in the 2007 Motor Show in Frankfurt. Early reports suggest that the 6.5-liter V12 may receive a power increase of approximately 15 kilowatts (20 horsepower), bringing the news release about 490 kilowatts (650 hp). Despite this, and the components of the car in carbon fiber, Lamborghini Reventon accelerates to 100 km / h (62 mph) at the same time as the Murcielago LP640 (3.4 seconds). Lamborghini has also picked up some design language of the parent company of Audi. For the first time integrated the light of day Lamborghini run with the headlights of the Lamborghini Reventon. September diodes (LEDs) on each side projector beam Bi-Xenon main and are lit when the vehicle is moving. Due to high temperatures in the lower back of the car, special heatproof LEDs are used for lights and hazards, traffic lights and rear lights with a triple arrow optical effect.

World Best Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT

The Lamborghini Murciélago R-GT is a racing version of the Murciélago only, developed jointly with Reiter Engineering and Audi Sport. It has rear-wheel drive unlike the standard Murciélago to comply with the FIA, ACO, and JAF rules. Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT retains the standard Murciélago V12, but has air restrictors to manage power. Its acceleration and top speed are highly dependent on gear selected for a particular race track. In March 2006, the Super GT Suzuka 500 km, a Murcielago R-GT specifically built for the Japanese Super GT Lamborghini owners club recorded the first victory of a bat when he won a victory in the GT300 category. In March 2007 in the FIA ​​GT Championship, Racing Murciélago won the Zhuhai around two hours. In December 2006, Reiter Engineering tested an improvement Murcielago R-GT LM with the redesigned body work and a new wing at the rear with less resistance.