Thursday, July 21, 2011

world best Nissan 300ZX

The Nissan 300ZX, also known as the Nissan Fairlady Z, is a sports car produced by Nissan. It consists of the third and fourth generations of the Z-car line-up, respectively given chassis designations Z31 and Z32. 300ZX name followed by the numerical convention initiated with the 240Z, presented by Yutaka Katayama, the president once Nissan Motors USA. "X" was added to the model name as its predecessor, which means "luxury". The name was used in most markets with the exception of a few including the Japanese domestic market was in the car like all previous Z cars sold as a "Fairlady Z". The Z31 and Z32 has a V6 3.0-liter naturally aspirated or turbocharged engine. Although both motors are in the same VG series and have the same displacement, the output of Z32 is more than Z31. The naturally aspirated Z32 has 222 hp (166 kW) and 198 pounds · ft (268 N • m) of torque compared to the Z31 with 160-165 hp and 174 pounds · ft (236 N • m) of torque. Similarly, a twin-turbo Z32s is 300 hp (220 kW) and 283 pounds · ft (384 Nm) of torque than the single turbo Z31, which has 200-205 hp and 227 pounds · ft (308 Nm) of couple. The most significant difference between the newer engine is increased by two camshafts in the head, and the turbocharged version, dual-intercooler and variable valve timing. Z31 chassis was designed after the previous Z-car, a Nissan 280ZX, and had two special editions based on it. 50 Anniversary Edition focused on luxury to celebrate the company semi-centennial in 1984, but the Shiro Special, released 4 years later, boasted performance-oriented upgrades. Styling would be completely re-issue with the Z32, a trend toward finer curves and more efficient aerodynamics. Newer chassis also featured four wheel, called Super HICAS, its top models. Although there was a special edition in 1996 Nissan designated the final 300 American commemorative edition.

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