HCCU is the solution to finance their education. With both competitive and flexible options in our student loan products and credit online student, you can be sure that HCCU can help in their needs for post-secondary education. Hamilton Community Credit Union student loans and credit lines can be customized to meet the needs of the borrower through a combination of term loans and revolving credit lines. This has the potential to reduce the total amount borrowed and ultimately save you money. For example: HCCU might help you understand your payment expenses (tuition, residence) directly with the term loan while enjoying the flexibility of a line of credit to cover other expenses unknown (fake books, tools and expenses).
Eligible products full-time student - 60% of normal academic load (as provided by the school) part-time student - a course (school year or semester / quarter)
Application requirements for members: * Confirm that you are enrolled in the Canadian post-school or college or university course or courses or register Apprenticeship - Taxes Educational, tools, training programs * estimate of your training costs (including lessons, supplies, fees, room and board, travel, etc.) * A list of its own funds (including savings, scholarships, summer jobs, etc.) * suitable guarantor, or meet the standard lending criteria a senior (s) or guardian (s) to be a co-applicant or guarantor of adequate
Loan / credit line amounts to full time - $ 10,000 (maximum) of the school year part time (depending on the number of classes) - $ 2,500 (maximum) per school year
The largest loan of any full-time student $ 40,000.00
Product Features * o Prime Rate (during studies) o Prime + 2% (after grace period of graduation /) * The interest during the grace period after graduation school * 12 months or 6 months if you quit the program without graduating.
Education Loans: Act Education Loan Program Act Education Loans are private student loans that can be used to cover the difference between school expenses and Federal financial aid such as Stafford loans . means least until pocket expenses after graduation. This is due to its versatility, private education loans can be used for school related expenses - including books, tuition, materials, lab fees, travel and lodging.
What private education loans different? Unlike federal loans, private student loans do not require the FAFSA. However, there is a credit check if the primary borrower and / or a co-signer is needed to qualify. The interest rate is variable based on LIBOR or index or the prime rate plus a margin of credit.
Education Act loans Benefits * defer payments while in school and a grace period of six months after graduation * Reduce your interest rate of 0.25% if you choose to have your payments automatically deducted your personal bank accounts * Annual maximum is 100% of your participation fee unless other aid based on school certification
Law Education Loan * Eligibility is enrolled at least half-time to get to 4 or 5 years degree. * Not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident co-signer may be required * * You and your guarantor must pass a credit check