Indian gold jewelry are changing with the introduction of tribal motifs and designs to replace the traditional models. Chunky jewelry with motifs of nature is a tribal mark d├ęcor worldwide. However, now the tribal designs are represented through demonstrations elitist gold. Despite gold prices soared, innovations like these big brands like "Aadi-Kriti" has managed to maintain customer interest.
While most industries face the disadvantage of crippling the global economy, gold jewelers in Kolkata are satisfied with their company. The decision to hold the jewelry trend ancient hand-harvest the results. Famous for its handmade intricate and exquisite jewelry, jewelers are Kolkata export to most countries of the Gulf and South Asia.
 India, the country's rich culture and ancient golden bird is ready to live old memories with a new style and fashion. It will hold a fashion and jewelry to represent old-fashioned to modern. The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council has taken steps in this direction which is organizing the first week of the India International Jewellery (IIJW) in Mumbai August 15 August 19. This mega even to be held in Mumbai in India, the capital of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Santa Cruz. The Department of Trade and Industry of India supports the first week of jewelry to represent India internationally as' design innovation and destination "for jewelry.
For five days, the event is the largest jewelry designer India jewelry will show their creativity and originality of design. Top designers, which is in line to fascinate customers around the world know that their jewelry design is Farah Khan Ali, near Rhea, Bina Goenka and Varun D. Jani. To increase the popularity of international brands in India jewelry quality jewelry, including Gitanjali, Tanishq, Mirari, Ganjam and Amrapali participate.

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif Deepika Padukone and main market of the ramp to showcase the jewelry diamond jewelry nakshatra and Farah Khan. The two were like Indian princess walking the ramp at the India International Jewelry 2010th held Deepika Padukone were really with jewelry bar. She had jewelry garland around the neck with elegant bindi on the forehead. Here are some pictures of Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone walking the ramp at the India International Jewellery Week, the 2010th