Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hyundai I20 In India To Transfer Some Production To Europe

Hyundai plans to move more than one third of its production of car i20 in Europe by mid-2010.
Hyundai India Managing Director HS Lheem said the automaker would move production of 70,000 cars in Europe have recently announced tax benefits. Hyundai currently has an installed capacity of 200 000 i20 car in India.
Lheem does not mention the place in Europe where the car will be built.
Hyundai currently has facilities in the Czech Republic, which produces the i30 hatchback and station wagon models for the European market. The company also has a production plant in Turkey.
Lheem said sales of Hyundai cars in India are expected to increase to 580,000 units compared to 490,000 units last year.