Saturday, July 23, 2011


Nissan is planning to open its manufacturing facility in Chennai in India, a popular car model Micra Hatchback. The company expects to 8 models in the country in 2012, and to use this plant for export.
The company is the creation of this plant with its partner Renault, at a cost of Rs 4,500 million rupees and will begin production in early 2010.
It is understood that Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd, the Indian subsidiary of Japanese company has already placed orders for parts sourcing for both models. Nissan will first launch a basic entry-level car, called W02A, and then launch a car higher than the level, W02B, after a few months, three providers familiar with the developments said.
By 2012, we designed the eight products on the market, some of which are imported. There will also export cars manufactured here in the form of fully integrated to Friday on current plans, Neeraj Garg, director of marketing and sales, Nissan Motor India.

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