Objects that do not want to see in your rearview mirror: dinosaurs hungry, angry exes making guns, mushroom clouds and this guy. In fact, youre looking at a Lexus IS-Force, an IS-F, which became a cruise on the police service in the English county of Humberside, which includes the port city of Hull notorious criminal minds. In recent years, were bad Humberside bobbies chasing Subaru Impreza, but the AWD cars are simply not the task. What to replace? Here's what the police thought, according to Sergeant Mike Peck:
 Lexus has been tested over a period of 12 months with similar vehicles, and has proved useful in providing a secure dynamic high performance chassis with a stable electronic platform for computer equipment. In the past, such equipment has put a strain on the vehicle, Lexus IS-F but readily responded to our needs. The final product contains an extremely formidable package, and is undoubtedly one of the police vehicles were most advanced in the world, which allows my staff to deal with criminals who use the roads of serious and organized crime. "

Nissan shows off new Versa-based electric vehicle prototype:

A week before he shows the world that the new dedicated electric vehicle looks like Nissan is demonstrating its latest generation prototype. previous iteration of the company was founded on the original cube, but the new test devices based on Versa / Tiida. A 108-power motor / 206 lb-ft in-house designed electric wheeled Nissan drivers, while a lithium-ion batteries developed by Automotive Energy Supply Corp. stores electricity. The 24 kWh pack is mounted under the floor and should produce a 100-mile range.Nissan aims to make life stress-free as drivers of EV. To this end, the navigation system automatically displays the range of guidance that the current state of battery charge, he says. It 'can also download the data currently available in the download status. Drivers can also be used for the charging status of your car remotely by mobile phone, so no doubt the demand for iPhone is coming. For more information after the jump.