Thursday, July 21, 2011

World Best Mercedes W221

The new Mercedes W221 was introduced in fall 2005 at the International Exhibition in Frankfurt, with exports to other markets from 2006. Mercedes W221 S-Class made its North American premiere at the Salon of 2006 North American International Auto in January. The latest S-Class is slightly larger in every dimension than its predecessor and has a more luxurious, Maybach-like appearance, and three new engines developed with up to increase the power of 26%. The interior is all new, all materials have been improved and have a look more luxurious, and center-mounted transmission has been replaced by a lever from the column. The brakes continue to become more advanced with the new Brake Assist PLUS system monitoring for an impending collision and increasing braking if necessary while the Distronic Plus cruise control can now bring the car to a complete stop. This system works in outdoor conditions, a test demonstration of Mercedes-Benz in a crash test hall resulted in embarrassment for the company when a new S-Class crashed into the back of a Mercedes W220 S stop -Class, an incident later attributed to radar steel confusing in this room.

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