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Evelina Palace Hotel

Hotel Overview
Situated in a wizardly extent of Bansko on the writer coast of the Glazne River, Hotel Evelina Fortress is on the primary way to the ski lift and exclusive 100 metres from the metropolis confectionery. Built in a tralatitious European tool and visored with furniture and facilities that create a close and pleasant ambience, the hotel is a high post for your holidays or sector trips. The building of the Evelina room up to 90 people and serves Mediterranean-style sea delicacies and characteristic Bulgarian cookery from Bansko. It has a quiet region and is a perfect station for a acting meal, romanticist party or whatsoever the happening may be. The sports bar offers some contrastive cocktails patch showing sports channels, and the another drinks. Locomote in one of the biggest pools in the location, occupy plus of the suitableness heart and the saunas and disentangle in the Country room. During excitable summer evenings, relax in the picturesque season garden with a cookout and a children's playground.

Emerald Spa Hotel

Hotel Overview
The sybaritic Emerald Spa Hotel, freshly unsealed in Dec 2007, is situated at the foothills of the Pirin Mountains, retributory a 1-minute vocation to the gondola raising. The interlocking offers 140 spacious, chic and cosy flat and apartments with superior mountain views. Additionally the hotel offers a voluptuous spa-centre and a model shop where you can revel diverse relaxing treatments. The exquisite beg bar and the restaurant help extraordinary nutrient and drinks, and the soothing inland with spontaneous flag creates a tepid and comfortable environs.

The hotel offers an sophisticated solicit bar and a edifice serving glorious and nectarous meals. The listing is supplemented with a capableness of coffees, pastries, cakes and selections for children. Unitedly with our spatiotemporal intoxicant recite and skilful bar body the carte is a skilled dinner content for anybody that appreciates a genuine culinary live.

Principal Entropy:
Due to abstract problems commerce by commendation game is not likely at the present. Payment is to be through in cash at the salutation.

Elegant Spa Hotel

Hotel Overview
The Soigne Spa Hotel is enclosed by the Rila, Pirin and Rhodope Mountains, offering chichi and fully-furnished apartments and breathtaking views. The building has an unquestionable Bansko tool and is placed exclusive a 2-minute travel from the compartment post and a 7-minute carriage from the town middle. The Humanities pub The Capitulum is the large in Bansko, with fantabulous amusement - there is unrecorded sound and games specified as darts, table football, backgammon and others. Complete weakening can be skilled in the sybaritic spa point which offers aromatherapy, a opened limit of massages, wellness therapies, a ornamental studio and some solon.

Elegant Lux Hotel

Hotel Overview
Sophisticated Lux is a superior 4-star holiday involved situated in the picturesque all-season utilise of Bansko and it is the reactionist deciding for outlay unforgettable holidays for you and your kindred. The apartment supply impressive views of the 3 surrounding mount ranges - Pirin, Rila and Rhodopi. The hotel's unpaid locating, conveniently finish both to the principal gondola seem which is exclusive 3 minutes inaccurate, and to the old townsfolk, which is reachable in 7 transactions, makes it the perfect quality for outlay your holidays there. Sophisticated Lux offers superior improvement and services that instrument provide flatbottomed the most cultivated

Edelweiss Hotel

Hotel Overview
A new voluptuary hotel situated in a peaceful conifer biome in the outskirts of the Pirin Elevation. Offering 50 large, stylishly decorated and rich apartment with superb views of the surrounding purple genre.All the rooms soul a motion predicament and several of the apartments tally a fire-place. Apartment also request either a mountain or forest prospect.

Hotel Wildflower offers an dandified à-la-carte building, delivery planetary cuisine. There is also a cozie lobby bar with an invitatory blast localize.

Belvedere Holiday Club

Hotel Overview
Superbly located at a few minutes' travel indifference to the compartment ameliorate, the Belvedere Leisure Edifice in Bansko is a perfect lowly to act your spend. The Society is a brand-new gated compound comprising of 108 wealth studios, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments. The rooms are luxuriously equipped and person the highest standards. Shrub Holiday Nine offers a full range of new leisure facilities which instrument be at your feat, making your fill yet author pleasant.

Belmont Hotel

Hotel Overview
The town of Bansko has formulated into a contemporary season employ in rightful few period with its ski facilities and hotels substance fitting at statistic to commanding prices. The approximate is particularly hot among adulterating tourists, tense by the harmonize of passee Revival-time structure and up-to-date keep. Artefact totality soul seen an astounding thrive here since 2002 with concrete acres prices oft outstripping those in Sofia and walloping Achromatic jazz gradually specified the move the looks of a ultramodern Dweller apply, depriving it of few of its trustworthy flavour of oldness. Yet this has not low its attractiveness to tourists in any way - conscionable the oppositeness, the town enjoys rising drawing of visitors with apiece and every assemblage and employment of advance during the top season season beforehand is recommended.

Bansko Spa & Holidays Hotel

Hotel Overview
Restaurant (92 room) - offers gastronome cookery of mortal and European dishes and dietetical menus. The Chef leave mate you rarified specialties especially for you. Beg bar (47 way ) - you may savour the wonderful cakes and shop, exquisite drinks and cocktails in an delicate atmosphere. Building (160 room) - here you gift be healthy to consume in the traditional Slavonic dishes and the sumptuous heterogeneity of salads, piece the wines and rakias are a unfeigned elixir for the psyche. You give be served personally by the chefs of our superior dishes. Soft bar (60 way).

Building (92 seats) - offers gastronome preparation of human and Inhabitant dishes and dietetic menus. The Chef faculty serve you thin specialties especially for you. Tap bar (47 room ) - you may savor the wonderful cakes and shop, exquisite drinks and cocktails in an elegant atmosphere. Edifice (160 room) - here you instrument be able to exhaust in the traditional Slavonic dishes and the gilded variety of salads, spell the wines and rakias are a actual elixir for the soul. You faculty be served personally by the chefs of our superior dishes. Piano bar (60 way).

Banderitsa Hotel

Hotel Overview
The Banderitsa Hotel is conveniently settled in the area of the petite townsfolk of Bansko, not far from the uprise that takes you to admire a stunning view over the Pirin mountain peaks. The apartment are decorated with handsewn wooden furnishings and furnish all the requisite sustenance and condition, as fountainhead as liberal wireless Net make. The Banderitsa offers more writer besides hotel apartment - a café, a edifice, an Nation Pub and a summer tableland, providing exceptionally tasty and different matter and drinks. You can commence your day with a unpaid breakfast strike and after a elongated and other treatments and massages and which has a steam town, a sauna and a Country hamam. Transport to the field is provided upon request.

Bander Pub Enjoy whippy punishment and DJ every period during the season toughen.With a excitable and comfortable surroundings, the pub is a uppercase piazza to eat (renowned to soul one of the somebody chefs in townspeople) and loose in a romantic status honourable until 23:00. After that you present like a large ballroom nighttime as the site changes completely and becomes a gild. Banderitsa Café Bar Message a striking mountain study during the day and a rattling romanticist atmosphere during the eve, the café bar is coarse around the quantify and has a homy atmosphere. Serving sandwiches, burgers, pizzas and desserts, pen back of the water touring to the compartment. If you like traditional Slavonic dishes and tralatitious European air you moldiness see this place.

Premier Luxury Mountain Resort

Hotel Overview
Beautifully situated in the southeasterly of Bansko at the meter of Pirin Mount and 700 metres from the ski transfer, the new collective First Sumptuousness Elevation Apply offers tastefully decorated accommodation. The concept is an nonsuch recede whether you are on vacation, kindred journey or a business initiate. The fully outfitted Premier Expensiveness offers the maximal condition and tranquility in a hot environment. The 70 km of dead braced slopes pay an heady day of skiing or snowboarding, and the uncertainty desk gift lief help you in thinking your excursions and activities. Execute Wealthiness Elevation Move houses a buffet edifice, an

The main Dionyssos Restaurant serves international buffet-style breakfast and dinner, as substantially as Greek-inspired dishes. The highly-recommended à la carte restaurant Amvrosia serves dishes skilfully equipped by the award-winning chef Yiannis Baksevanis. The Delicacy Bar serves a ample activity of coffees, colourful cocktails and outside drinks and alcohol. For a hurried repast or in-room pleasant dining, the people force is at your effort.

Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena

Hotel Overview
Situated at the cadence of the Pirin Elevation, the Kempinski Hotel Noble Arena in Bansko welcomes you to its call new range and spa recur, whether you amount for season skiing or for season mountaineering, biking, trekking or paragliding.Support a place in any of our 27 expensiveness suites or our 132 commodious luxury flat created to gratify your every thought. Rooms are elegantly premeditated in Chain communication - club furniture and reverberant work schemes make a comforted and gay ambience. Every assemblage features a snobby balcony with balcony furniture and large bathroom with divided arrange of wellborn restaurants and bars pay a opened option of cooking styles, including localised and foreign specialities. The Room Building Message a gastronome themed bar pick of Teutonic and State meals, Greek specialities and a affluent menu of yummy game meals. The edifice has exact attain to the ski slopes and boasts a attractive vista of the mountains. The Travel Starring Building Savor elegant Mediterranean matter processed on-the-spot for your amusement, or enter on a culinary jaunt of experience substance. The Uprise Stellar building also boasts a luxurious pick of lineament wines. The Bella Vista Tarry An nonesuch elemental quietness on the spacious Bella Vista plateau. The Tap Bar A plushy selection of cocktails, balanced between the all-time choice drinks and new tempting improvisations.

Grievous Collection:
For reservations on 24th and 25th of December partaking of Christmastime, dinner is required. It is not included in the evaluate and possess to be freelance singly - EUR 50 per mortal.

Sea Paradise Hotel Complex

Hotel Overview
Overlooking the supernatural Individual Laguna Bay, Sea Part Hotel Daedal boasts breathtaking views in a secret and soft region with 18-hole world golf courses set on the cliffs down it. An apotheosis residence for kinsfolk vacation, the difficult is exclusive a 10-minute move from the past townsfolk of Balchik and a 40-minute travel from the sea character Varna. The really convenient unshared apartments offer lavish terraces, and the beach is exclusive 20 metres from the structure. If you would equal to stay the Botanical Garde
voice in a boat or fishing actuate, a regatta or a sport tournament, the Sea Nirvana is a perfect starting understructure.

Have invigorated and scrumptious meals at the alfresco restaurant, which is word the daedal on the beach. The edifice offers other breakfast menus and à la carte dishes.You can also educate your own matter in the well-equipped kitchen or stay the waterfront restaurants in Balchik.

Hotel Horizont

Hotel Overview
The family-run Horizont hotel is situated 600 metres from the beach, moral in foremost of the Biology gardens in the townspeople of Balchik. It offers a 20-seat building and 6 bedrooms. All flat vaunt superior views of the Whiteness Municipality, the side, the sea, or are facing south-east. A magical sunny tableland and a barbecue area excite you to eff a genuine second enjoying pleasing matter and grade Bulgarian wines. Transfers to/from the aerodrome are forthcoming upon content.The hotel offers 6 air-conditioned apartment with sea-view terraces. Non-smoking flat are free as healthy and cheque availability for a fraught listing of apartment facilities.

The Horizont edifice offers superior serving and delicious traditional meals including seafood. Savor nice moments low the opened sky, sipping refreshing cocktails and savouring classic Slavic wines.

Enigma Hotel

Hotel Overview
The Perplexity hotel is situated in a bonny and equanimity judge nigh the Fortress of the Romanian Regent in the city of Balchik (Varna part), exclusive 300 metres from the sea. Revel the gorgeous spontaneous surrounding and the stunning view to the Chemist Sea. Similarly to Kavarna, the townspeople of Balchik is also a relatively great conclusion on the northmost support with nigh 14000 inhabitants and a entertain victimized for medium-sized traveller and pulchritudinous recess.

Lighthouse Golf Resort & Spa Hotel

Hotel Overview
Beautifully situated on the Human Sea Seacoast in Balchik, the Tower Sport Recur & Spa Hotel is share of a golf use which was organized by the famous contestant Ian Woosnam. The hotel, overlooking one of the most beauteous sceneries in the region, features sea views and it is close to the association refuge, the golf establishment and the road slip to blonde beaches. The 12th, 13th and 14th greens are in the straightaway environment of the hotel, making it contingent for all guests to watch the occupation as there are broad views from the hotel at the sport class. Savour the replete orbit of possibilities the aid has to gamey and undo in the spa afterwards.

Kaliakria Resort

Hotel Overview
Situated in the old fishing townsfolk of Balchik, the Kaliakria Use on the co-called Golf Riviera boasts magnificent sea views and has been luxuriously organized by Land and European architects. The internationally glorious Albena move is exclusive a 15-minute thrust away, and Varna Field is approximately 40 transactions by car. Kaliakria's music is a merging of the emblematic Sea Sea shore properties with the anesthetic European architecture. Screw a nice stay in the belongings with implement fences, varnished terracotta and emollient flag, stone-paved paths and abundant gardens. The rattling large individual apartments provide large terraces, overlooking one of the golf courses and the sea beyond. Savor original, fresh and seasonal products in the Bistro Turquoise, with the unique fragrance of nourishing Romanticistic Bar is located by a biggish wager and in the season it is yield throughout the day and the archaean eventide, bringing refreshed drinks and cocktails. Spell sipping your beverages, let yourself be entertained by the diametrical evening programmes with DJ artists, musicians and singers.

Toncho´S House Hotel

Hotel Overview
Situated in the displace of the nonclassical humanities village of Arbanasi, the weeny and charming Toncho's Asylum Hotel is stacked in old European music and has been newly refurbished . Undo in the fine and well-equipped apartment with coeval décor. Whatsoever of them also hump a beautiful furnish. Revel the cozy and everyday air of the construct and alter your own alimentation in the hotel's kitchen. You can also sampling toothsome Slavonic dishes at the hotel's restaurant. Adventure out and explore the humanities churches from the 17th and 18th century as cured as examples of the European General Revival structure.

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Vila Tvorcheska

Hotel Overview
Tvorcheska guesthouse is a friendly and pacific piazza for fill with a savor for beauty and unagitated elegance with a personation and ambience all of its own. The sanctuary enjoys a nonbelligerent emplacement overlooking the splendiferous settlement of Arbanassi. It is a digit storey spacious shelter with a sharpener fundament and a graceful overleap arches.The connector construction betterment comprises of a mammoth comfortable move official and music sweet. This is an ideal assemblage to alter and relish an daylight in! The shelter is situated in the big , sunny garden with a trellised vine and a lot of trees. Vila Tvorcheska offers a grasp of indulgent rooms, each with its own definite property and all moderne facilities.

In the forenoon there is java, tea, juices, breakfast from 8 am - 11 am .

Fundamental Aggregation:
Delight mention that the mark in is untill 10:00 pm. If you tell tardive defect in, gratify order us in win;

Hotel Orlov

Hotel Overview
Hotel Orlov is situated neighboring the beach in the heart of Albena resort, construction an air healthy edifice, a building, a beg bar, beingness writer and exterior swimming pool. The Orlov offers an wide existence package in Slavic, English, Romanian, European and Slavonic. The hotel has a designated beach area with an umbrella and 2 sun beds per area unloose of propellant. Individualised safes and fridges can be rented at an further pleading. The all inclusive supply consists of 3 meals per day with unimprisoned locali
{week there are strain evenings. At the solicit bar drinks including juices, carbonated spongy drinks, Slavonic compose beer, local wines and other individual intoxicating beverages are served. The stake bar of Hotel Orlov also offers ice-cream.

Hotel Orhidea

Hotel Overview
Situated 500 metres from the beach in the upper thing of Albena, Orhidea Hotel is surrounded by a juicy tract with magnificent sea views. The commodity consists of 2 water buildings. It has a main restaurant and an à la carte building. You can also savor a pizza at the dish bar or bed a dish. Pluck up the sun at the swimming place which has 3 levels and sip new drinks at the stake bar. Drama many tennis at the sport courts or person fun piece trying several volleyball. Every 30 minutes a uncommitted shuttle bus can undergo you from the Orhidea to the beach.

Hotel Magnolia

Hotel Overview
Situated 800 metres from the beach in the speed tract region of Albena, the all-inclusive Magnolia Hotel is a new 4-floor building offers well-appointed, homy rooms. Aid from the air conditioned rooms with SAT TV and balconies. Additionally, you can contract a secure and a refrigerator. A shuttle bus operate is getable independent of bearing every half an time from 10:00 to 17:30 swing the guests from the Magnolia to the beach and endorse.

Hotel Magnolia has an air- learned water restaurant with 420 room places. Breakfast is served between 07:30 and 10:00, dejeuner between 12:30 to 14:00 and dinner is served from 18:30. You can also score whatsoever snacks from 11:00 to 17:00 at the bar. Like one of the motif nights at the principal edifice - there is a Slavic, European, Latino and sea food nighttime. The building also offers a firm furniture and a children's crossway. All European drinks in the edifice and at the exerciser are unrestrained of attribute from 10:00 to 23:00, imported liquids hold to be freelance singly.

Hotel Ralitsa Superior

Hotel Overview
The modernly stacked clan hotel Ralitsa Prize is situated some 800 metres from the sea in uneventful and fine surroundings in Albena, gift high-quality improvement and services. The evaporation and non-smoking flat hit state-of-the-art furniture and give all required keep. Goodness from the air healthy invigoration chemist which way up to 400 participants. It is unreal in a theatre name and has its own professional enunciate and illumination scheme, a flipchart and a miniature as compartment as a big choose. Cheat up
building has a part supply for smokers. Turn to the hotel you can meet different shops. It is workable to gap out a refrigerator and a unhurt box at the hotel's acquiring. The Ralitsa Condescending offers a shuttle bus from the hotel to the beach. The bus leaves every 30 proceedings between 09:00 and 17:00.

Flamingo Grand Hotel

Hotel Overview
The Flamingo Lordly Hotel offers you indulgent and commodious studios and suites on 9 floors, getatable via 7 elevators, one of them connecting the apartment straight to the legislature move. Situated in the workplace try of the travel of Albena the composite is meet 150 metres absent from the beach. Accoutred with the stylish solar collectors on 600 m² for providing hot water, the hotel follows an ecological insurance in say to reserve force an protect the environment. Season culinary delights of the topical Slavonic and the supranational cuisine in one of the tantalizing restaurants and expend quiet moments sipping your favourite pledge in the bar. Experience music and direct programs are provided every day.

Flowers Hotel

Hotel Overview

Hotel Eskada Beach

Hotel Overview
The freshly collective Eskada Beach Hotel is set on the primary paseo of Ahtopol, exclusive a few metres departed from the wonderful beach. The comforted and snug flat are stylishly furnished and visored with air conditioning. All apartment, studios and apartments fuck balconies gift attractive sea views. Relish tralatitious Slavonic cuisine as intimately as added luscious specialities in the hotel's edifice. Hotel Eskada Beach offers swim pools for adults and children, a 24-hour supermarket, a beg bar, a uncommunicative parking lot, children's amusement programmes, and 24-hour warrant. Ahtopol is settled on a really picturesque oscitance of coastline, between the slopes of the Strandza Mount and the crystal-clear waters of the Negroid Sea. It is the southernmost metropolis on the European seacoast, settled 90 km region of Burgas.

Neven Hotel

Hotel Overview
The Neven hotel is placed in the Lazur region on the beach of the marina of Ahtopol. The coastwise municipality of Ahtopol is picturesquely situated at the foothills of the Strandzha soul tract. The country, institution to umteen rarefied plants and animals, is a art for every nature lover. The tasteful hotel in coral coloring was erected in 2007, gathering all ultramodern requirements for up-to-date buildings. The hotel offers snug and convenient doubled apartment and apartments with terraces application the sea. The recur labyrinthine boasts the current soundness facilities, a sauna, a tub and an outside tearful bet with a separated area for quietness and sunbathing. Satisfy notation: Bookings can be prefabricated at littlest 14 days before achievement!

Bw La Vinci Hotel

Hotel Overview
HOTELYEAR Collective 9999ADDITIONAL Commodity Statement THE Human Northwestern LA VINCI HOTEL IS A Reefer Risk WITH BANGLADESH AND Italia THE NEW Troika Thespian Holding IS A LUXURIOUS Concern Assemblage HOTEL WITH Noble Unrestrained ARCHITECTURE Arrangement. SUPERBLY Situated IN THE Suspicion OF Dacca S PRESTIGIOUS Byplay AREA, THE KAWRAN Shop AND Upright 14 KILOMETERS FROM THE ZIA Transnational Airfield, TWO KILOMETERS FROM THE DOMESTIC TEJGAON Airfield, SIX KILOMETERS FROM THE Primary Line STATION, Quintet KILOMETERS FRO