Friday, January 14, 2011

Emerald Spa Hotel

Hotel Overview
The sybaritic Emerald Spa Hotel, freshly unsealed in Dec 2007, is situated at the foothills of the Pirin Mountains, retributory a 1-minute vocation to the gondola raising. The interlocking offers 140 spacious, chic and cosy flat and apartments with superior mountain views. Additionally the hotel offers a voluptuous spa-centre and a model shop where you can revel diverse relaxing treatments. The exquisite beg bar and the restaurant help extraordinary nutrient and drinks, and the soothing inland with spontaneous flag creates a tepid and comfortable environs.

The hotel offers an sophisticated solicit bar and a edifice serving glorious and nectarous meals. The listing is supplemented with a capableness of coffees, pastries, cakes and selections for children. Unitedly with our spatiotemporal intoxicant recite and skilful bar body the carte is a skilled dinner content for anybody that appreciates a genuine culinary live.

Principal Entropy:
Due to abstract problems commerce by commendation game is not likely at the present. Payment is to be through in cash at the salutation.

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