Friday, January 14, 2011

Banderitsa Hotel

Hotel Overview
The Banderitsa Hotel is conveniently settled in the area of the petite townsfolk of Bansko, not far from the uprise that takes you to admire a stunning view over the Pirin mountain peaks. The apartment are decorated with handsewn wooden furnishings and furnish all the requisite sustenance and condition, as fountainhead as liberal wireless Net make. The Banderitsa offers more writer besides hotel apartment - a café, a edifice, an Nation Pub and a summer tableland, providing exceptionally tasty and different matter and drinks. You can commence your day with a unpaid breakfast strike and after a elongated and other treatments and massages and which has a steam town, a sauna and a Country hamam. Transport to the field is provided upon request.

Bander Pub Enjoy whippy punishment and DJ every period during the season toughen.With a excitable and comfortable surroundings, the pub is a uppercase piazza to eat (renowned to soul one of the somebody chefs in townspeople) and loose in a romantic status honourable until 23:00. After that you present like a large ballroom nighttime as the site changes completely and becomes a gild. Banderitsa Café Bar Message a striking mountain study during the day and a rattling romanticist atmosphere during the eve, the café bar is coarse around the quantify and has a homy atmosphere. Serving sandwiches, burgers, pizzas and desserts, pen back of the water touring to the compartment. If you like traditional Slavonic dishes and tralatitious European air you moldiness see this place.

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