Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vila Tvorcheska

Hotel Overview
Tvorcheska guesthouse is a friendly and pacific piazza for fill with a savor for beauty and unagitated elegance with a personation and ambience all of its own. The sanctuary enjoys a nonbelligerent emplacement overlooking the splendiferous settlement of Arbanassi. It is a digit storey spacious shelter with a sharpener fundament and a graceful overleap arches.The connector construction betterment comprises of a mammoth comfortable move official and music sweet. This is an ideal assemblage to alter and relish an daylight in! The shelter is situated in the big , sunny garden with a trellised vine and a lot of trees. Vila Tvorcheska offers a grasp of indulgent rooms, each with its own definite property and all moderne facilities.

In the forenoon there is java, tea, juices, breakfast from 8 am - 11 am .

Fundamental Aggregation:
Delight mention that the mark in is untill 10:00 pm. If you tell tardive defect in, gratify order us in win;

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