Saturday, July 16, 2011

Best World Audi Le Mans Quattro

Audi then decided to produce it as R8, partially named after their highly successful race car that won the Le Mans 24 Hours five times. It was the third and final concept car designed by quattro Audi Pikes Peak quattro & after Nuvolari. Le Mans quattro has a wide range of technical features, which include headlights that are made by small LEDs. The frame of the body are made of aluminum, called the Audi Space Frame (ASF), while the outer skin is carbon fiber. In addition to Le Mans quattro, the Magnetic Ride suspension, also in the new Audi TT, which gives the car a drive stronger and more responsive and is supposed to handle very well. Quattro as stated in its name, it uses the system quattro 4 wheel to provide a sure grip and a solid round with the Magnetic Ride suspension.

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