Monday, January 17, 2011

Villa Stresov

Hotel Overview
On the sec flooring, the Villa Stresov has 4 cosy, tastefully decorated bedrooms to reconcile 8 grouping. Each chamber has its own clannish tiled bathroom with a consume (2 with vortex tubs), thermostatically pressurised shower stand, cloth dryers, terry textile robes, fluffy towels, slippers and instrumentality. Apiece room also features unfolded window Telecasting, buffet, air conditioning (tho' rarely necessary), balcony and pretty views. Additionally there is fume sensor, department sensor and Intercom.On the indorsement structure, the Subversive Stresov has 4 cozy, tastefully decorated bedrooms to hold 8 fill. Each bedroom has its own confidential tiled room with a rain (2 with whirlpool tubs), thermostatically contained consume obstruction, scenic views. Additionally there are smoking detectors, instrument sensors and an intercom.

Subversive Stresov offers a bighearted and carefully precooked complimentary breakfast, served in the dining reside. It includes juices, product, cheeses, dirigible, cabbage, yoghurts, eggs, cereals, tea, coffee and otherwise items. Revolutionist Stresov also offers an deluxe salutation peaky tea consisting of Carver champagne, pleasing saucy cakes and a activity of tea and coffee. This cater has to be ordered in sum and is getable at an additional outlay.

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