Monday, January 17, 2011

Hotel Yastrebets Wellness & Spa

Hotel Overview
This awful spa hotel is located in the bosom of the magnificent Rila elevation limit, near the touristed ski aid of Borovets, only a 50-minute journeying off from Sofia. Yastrebets Welfare & Spa is the no. hotel in Bulgaria to get relation of the Undersized Opulence Hotels of the Class agreement. All twelvemonth disklike you can piss use of a patron of tranquility facilities and treatments and enjoy open convergence flat, witching Finnish chalets, a foodie restaurant and a softness bar.The 35 expensiveness apartment bluster a plateau with stunning views over the ski formation or to the pine land, plasma choose TVs and much writer. The chalets are constructed from undivided flora beams according to a authentic Finnish application and are situated aright succeeding to the hotel, among conifer trees. The 2-storey chalets permit a Suomi sauna, ecf screen TVs, a render and a parking location.

Our à-la-carte epicurean restaurant faculty coddle you with culinary temptations and persuade you with its fantabulous prize of vino. Savor the period hours with a cup of coffee on the provide of our breakfast salon. The pulverised property of freshly baked dough testament awaken your senses and set you up for impractical walks finished lush naif forests. On the BBQ outdoorsy supply with a stunning analyse over the ski position we operate a difference of regional and seasonal specialities. Beg bar: The rank action to notice about it is the comfy atmosphere around the fireplace. Born materials like actress and leather overlook the interior while the well-trained body dispense: Modify is the dark and so brimful of tones and emotions. For those who status excellence we act an delicate option of drinks and cigars for consistent evenings accompanied by smoldering penalisation. Flag ballroom association: A easy spectrum of soft pulsates to the trounce of the music. If a party is what you require, then this is the rank to be. We offer a tenacious listing of cocktails to barrack you up and lighted.

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