Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Modern Jewelry Trends Hollywood Glamour

Megan Fox Amrapali.

We're pretty confident actress and sex symbol Megan Fox is not a Transformer, Autobot, Decepticon, or any other type of robot or a clone. But during his whirlwind international tour to promote "Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen", it seemed to be everywhere, from magazines to talk shows on the red carpet. Fox certainly ramped up the miles and brought a lot of Hollywood glamor, fashion and jewelry seems also abroad.

9. June, for example, Megan Fox was at the premiere of "Transformers" in South Korea, and wore Amrapali link bracelet in 22k gold. 15. June Fox used a diamond hone to the London premiere earrings. The passport is ready, so there is no doubt that with whirlpool in Moscow on June 16 and re Amrapali earrings and gold rose cut diamonds. 22. June Fox returned to Los Angeles Mann Village Theatre, and was wearing a black onyx cocktail ring with diamonds and cote.

"Transformers" has received rave reviews, but few stars to be awarded to Siera Jewelry, which has become a favorite of celebrities like Halle Berry, Debra Messing and Mariah Carey. Amrapali has also received much publicity with her jewels modern India. It helps to have D'Orazio & Associates, Beverly Hills, in his corner. The private showroom is aimed at designers, stars and professionals in the entertainment industry, and has an impressive list of media locations.

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