Friday, December 31, 2010

Metro Park Hotel

Hotel Overview
Each room has a double bed (king size) bed or 2 single beds. The bathroom has hot and cold running water, shower only. Tap water is not heated. Cable TV, refrigerator and air conditioning are included. To get an idea of the general decor of the room, look good in a standard room with photographs of the view. Extra bed for one person, breakfast is available for 11 USD per night.
Restaurant and bar are open from 06:00 to 22:00. Breakfast, full board and lodging prices, served in the restaurant from 6:00 to 10:00. other food and dining are nearby Jollibee and Starbucks (which are both open 24 hours a day) AsiaTown IT Park, as well as McDonald's and Discovery CHOWKING in JY Square Mall.
Important Information:
Please note that payment (cash or card) must be in the hotel. Credit card required on this site are required to guarantee your reservation. To prevent card fraud, the hotel prefers not to charge the credit card if the cardholder is present to sign the charge slips in triplicate. Card payment by proxy, by phone or when the cardholder is not present is only allowed in special circumstances. Philippine Pesos: In the hotel, you will be asked to pay in Philippine Pesos (PHP) or charge card in PHP. Paying for your stay on arrival: Please note that you will pay for your stay at destination (output). The hotel does not recognize that there are hotels who charge at check-out and wishes to clarify that what they would do the same, they can only do so if in special circumstances. There are very few hotels in the Philippines, carrying his departure.

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